Soke/Founder of Tatsu Te Ryu Karate-Do

Shidoshi Spohn has been involved with martial arts since the age of 4.  As a child, he was taught the fundamentals of karate by his instructors at a YMCA.  In his early teens, Sensei Spohn earned his first belts in Karate.  It was at this time he knew that was going to dedicate his life to the martial arts.  Since that time, Shidoshi Spohn has proven to be a fierce pracitioner, studying many different styles and achieving the rank of black belt in several.  He believes in a principled approach to martial arts, that includes the development of personal character as well as physical strength. His primary teaching goals are to cultivate a relationship between his students and Jesus Christ, while instilling respect, confidence, effective self defense, and discipline.

While achieving the martial arts rank of black belt was a tremendous honor, he believes his greatest accomplishment is the creation of his own martial arts system, called Tatsu Te Ryu Karate-Do.  The Tatsu Te Ryu Karate-do system is a hybrid martial arts style that combines the knowledge and multiple arts Sensei Spohn has studied, including Traditional Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Jujitsu.  The systems main goal is on producing quailty martial artists, who can defend themselves effectively at all ranges.

Tatsu Te Ryu Karate-Do is an internationally recognized system by the following organizations;
All Japan Karate Union
World Sokeship Council Seishinryoku Kai
International Council of Freestyle Martial Artist
Martial Arts Institute of America
Hall of Founders Soke Kan
International Martial Arts Association
International Association Europa Budo 2000
International Bujutsu Society / Kokusai Bujutsu Kessha
US International Grandmasters And Masters Sokeship Union

Some of Shidoshi Spohn's accomplishments include:

  • Black Belt rank in 6 disciplines
  • World Director - Intercontinental Martial Arts Union
  • United States Director - World Elite Black Belt Society
  • Michigan Director - All Japan Karate Union
  • United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame - 2008 - Master of the Year
  • Mid West Black Belt Hall Of Fame - 2008 - Karate Instructor of the Year
  • International Independent Martial Artist's Assoc. Hall Of Fame - 2010 - System Founder of the Year